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GIADA 2020 Fall Winter Milan Fashion Show

A dichotomy of spontaneity and control captures the spirit of the Giada f/w 20/21 collection. Inspired by the reflections and refractions of lakeside vegetation on the trembling surface of water, Gabriele Colangelo conceives abstract shapes that merge the precision of geometry with the vitality of nature.

The wintry frame in which this dialogue of opposites happens is an atmosphere of serenity and calm charged with delicate yet palpable sensuality.


 True to the Giada ethos - one that turns complexity into vibrant simplicity - Colangelo finds fragility in strength, and strength in fragility. Veiled surfaces, hand drawn strews as emotional prints, short frayed fringes and hazy juxtapositions of materials add halos of mystery.


The silhouette is long and absolute yet full of movement. Exact and voluminous shapes are brought close to the body by way of molding and draping, the sartorial detail of AMF stitches keeping movement in place.


Whalebones sculpt bodices and waists; strapless tops reveal skin. The verticality of the line finally gives way to full skirts, while pieces are constructed and layered as to create a harmony of studious imbalances. Fringing and pleating capture the twinkling of reflections in cloth.


The juxtaposition of precision and sentiment is highlighted by an organic amalgamation of notes of clay, chalk, butter, grey and cream with accents of hide brown. Black is the pervading chromatic presence that keeps it all together.


The quality of color comes by way of texture: a mingling of fuzzy alpacas and dense cashmeres, dry wools, crinkled georgette, silks and papery nappa leather.


Bulbous jewels with marble stones, irregular chains and pins provide touches of decoration and punctuation. The architectural tingle is brought to the extreme in the bucket bags and handbags with jewel handles. Shoes have elongated shapes with marble decorations.


The tension of control and abandon sets the tone.


As a brand that believes in Art to Art, Giada pursues an ongoing commitment in support of Biblioteca Nazionale Braidense. At the FW20 fashion show, the donation is for the restoration of the historical periodicals of  the Biblioteca, mainly the most iconic of the Milanese and Lombard periodicals between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Giada’s contribution has made it possible to protect the precious cultural heritage of Italy.


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