1991, Founder of RedStone brought Pierre Cardin into China


1995, Pierre Cardin China shenzhen grand yuntian hotel opening


RedStone advertisement

RedStone advertisement

RedStone advertisement

1996, RedStone brought in Yves Saint Laurent


1998, RedStone got the Salvatore Ferragamo's sale priority right
in Chinese Southeastern area. And opened up
the first Store in Guangzhou


2003, Opened up the first Furla store in Shenzhen Grand Skylight hotel.


2005, Established brand strategic cooperation with Italian
brand GIADA SPA. Focus on GIADA


2011,RedStone invested in GIADA S.p.A, which is the first Chinese company who owns an Luxury brand


2013, Milan GIADA flagship store opened on Via MonteNapoleone 15.


2005-2015 GIADA opened up 55 stores in China

2015.05, The first GIADA flagship store was opened up in Beijing Jinbao Shopping Center


2016, Curiel and RedStone formed joint venture, and established Curiel Ltd.

In January 2017, CURIEL opened the brand's first boutique in Shanghai, China.

In January 2017, CURIEL opened the brand's first boutique in Shanghai, China.


In September, GIADA's global flagship boutique, GIADA House, has officially opened to public, and is the only mono-brand five-story building on Via Montenapoleone.


In October, GIADA's Greater China flagship boutique opened at WF Central, Beijing.

In March, GIADA hosted an outdoor fashion show as the first luxury brand doing so at People's Liberation Monument in Chongqing, attracting a crowd of more than 30,000 audience.


In April, GIADA made its debut at Milan Design week, and introduced the brand's first interior design collection GIADA by Giorgetti.

In April, GIADA's Boston flagship boutique opened on The Heritage on the Garden, marking the brand's entry into the U.S. market.

In February, GIADA House embarked on "Tribute to Art" concept space art project.


In July, GIADA's first retail concept boutique opened at Yitian Holiday Plaza, Shenzhen.

GIADA Club will open soon at China World Hotel in Beijing, and will become the first branded space for luxury womenswear and fine dining in the capital city.

In August, designer Gabriele Colangelo debuted his eponymous label's first two boutiques in Beijing's China World Mall and Shanghai's Times Square Mall.


As of August 2020, CURIEL has opened 18 boutiques in China, with the expansion plan to open 5 to 10 boutiques annually.
GIADA's global expansion has been an ongoing endeavor, with plans to open up boutiques in New York, London, Paris and Tokyo.