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An important part of economy

Luxury industry is an important part of economy which enriches the local economy and the social structure. Luxury industry is a field that perfectly combines the culture and art. It does not only improve people’s quality of life, but also improve people’s taste of art .

Fashion and Luxury industry driving

Representing Chinese capital and practitioners, Redstone enters the western-holded fashion luxury industry as a pioneer. 

> RedStone Ranks No. Six in the Forbes list of Private Companies  

Incubator for luxury industry elites

“The best for best”, Redstone considers each employee as a piece of natural jade and carefully turn them into excellent talents through the talent cultivation concept of “Recruit the qualified talents, appreciate the talents, train the talents and cherish the talents”. 

More employment for female

Redstone, a company delivers beauty and confidence, has more than 80% female employees. Even in management team, there are still more than 60% female employees. They do not only have a simple job here, but also have an attractive career.

Careers for students abroad

Redstone’s recruiting team goes to American top universities every year, such as Harvard University, MIT, Chicago University, New York University etc… There are more than 30% employees in Redstone head office who has studied abroad before. The platform that Redstone offered attracts a lot of students oversea to come back. 

> Pay attention to PEOPLE in REDSTONE

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