Culture and Art

The combination of traditional and modern art

Luxury can be regarded as a bridge to connect classical art and modern art. Redstone’s products are the best combination of classical and modern art.  Redstone is committed to build a brand platform to Inheriting the traditional craft and make its luster in the modern civilization.

The research for western and eastern aesthetics

Redstone only chooses the brands with aesthetics to cooperate. Redstone is not satisfied with only owing an Italian luxury brand. Redstone started a Chinese brand YI in 2012 to release China’s 5000 years’ culture and eastern aesthetics.

Exchange program with art academy

Exchange program with art academy Redstone holds exchange program with art academy like Parsons, aiming to explore a wide brand vision and provide learning opportunity for art students.

> Redstone New York Art School Information Session

The brand related art exhibition

Luxury is definitely the best the expression of art. Redstone’s brands organize many kinds of art exhibitions every year, such as Brand inspiration painting exhibition, art and history museum exhibition, art gallery, etc.


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